All About Mortise Locks

All About Mortise Locks

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There are different types of locks available and one of the most common types is the mortise. This requires a mortise or a pocket to be cut into the door where it is supposed to be fitted. Around the world, this type is often found in old buildings, which were constructed before cylindrical versions were introduced. Mortise sets function as a combination and this comes with dual utility, which means that this acts as a deadbolt and a door knob.All About Mortise Locks

Mortise locks may come with a non-locking spring latch that is operated by a handle. This is often coined as sash lock. However, a simpler form of this version is available. This type does not come with a latch or handle and this is often called as dead lock, which is often used as secure back up to a pin tumbler rim lock.

Advantages of using mortise

This type of lock is commonly used in many households for its durability, resistance against any form of intrusion, and strength. Unlike the conventional kind, the mortise is installed inside the door. The mode of installation of this kind makes this sturdy and difficult for intruders to destroy. If you are looking for a reliable lock, the mortise may just be the right option for you.

There are several advantages of using a mortise lock. For instance, this type can provide extra defence against intruders, as this is quite difficult to open from the outside. It does not bulge with pressure and force. Apart from its function, it comes with a beautiful design and promotes an aesthetic appeal to any ordinary house design. Another advantage of this type is its dual function. With this locking system, you can lock the door from the outside. This also comes in various sizes which makes it an ideal choice if you want to have a lock that fits your door properly.

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